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Love in the Name of Christ:

Here at Love INC we strive to serve Acadiana by connecting those in need with churches and resources that can help. We rely on the generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ to serve, donate money and give of themselves to benefit others. Our goal is not only to meet immediate needs but also to form relationships and become a part of one another's lives through time and prayer.

Looking For Help:

If you live in Lafayette Parish and need assistance, please visit our Services page to learn more about what Love INC is able to provide through our partnering churches. If you feel like Love INC might be able to help you, please call our office at 337-981-6775.

Wanting to Serve:

If you are looking for a way to serve, please visit our volunteer page. You can also donate online by clicking on our Donate page.

Starting A Ministry In your Church:

Starting a "gap" ministry in your church is another way to serve with Love INC. No matter how hard we try to meet the needs in our community,there are always "gaps" in services. When Love INC becomes aware of these unmet needs we seek to find a church that is wiling to "step into the gap" and provide that service. Some examples of "gap ministries" are:

  • Baby items
  • Baby furniture
  • Personal items pantry
  • Linens
  • Kitchen Items
  • Food Pantry

If you are interested in starting a "gap" ministry at your church or organization please give us a call to find out what the current "gaps" are and how to best serve that need. We encourage you to serve through your church and harness the available personnel, experience and resources available to you.

Reach out to us anytime for guidance , suggestions and help through out Contact page or by calling 337-981-6775.

UpComing Events:

Fundraising Banquet 2015

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Home repair
  • Yard work
  • Moving assistance
  • Transportation
  • Housecleaning
  • Office/clerical
  • Prayer
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